Video Editing 101

Archive Your Memories by Creating Digital Art

Ever wonder how people put together fun videos of trips they’ve taken, special events, or even weddings? It’s easier — and more fun — than you might think!

I’ve created dozens of videos that tell a story about a moment in time that I wish would stay around forever, and I’ve been completely self-taught. I stumbled my way through learning which settings are best, which functions I need to make work in my editing software, and how to put it all together to share an amazing finished product with my audience…and now I want to teach YOU everything I know about video editing.

In this 90-minute session, you’ll see exactly how I put memory montage videos together from start to finish — everything from shooting the video, to editing it in Adobe Premiere Elements, to posting the finished project online to share. This is a course you will want to watch over and over again, as you continue learning and developing your own video style!

During this workshop, you will:
– Learn a new skill that you can use to create hundreds of videos for years to come!
– Discover how simple — and FUN — it is to archive your memories into videos.
– Understand how to use Adobe Premiere Elements.
Get ideas for crafting videos that will WOW your friends and family.
– Learn the basics of getting your videos on YouTube.

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About Your Teacher

Carrie Morley (better known as CARRIEand on YouTube) has been referred to as an “Online Marketing Wonder Woman.” She helps her clients increase their online reach with digital media through webinars, online courses, and email marketing. She can spend hours getting lost in video editing, one of her favorite hobbies, and enjoys watching her friends and family smile as they watch back the videos she’s created.