Before I started my own business, I went into my former workplace filled with dread I would sit in my car for as long as possible — taking a few deep breaths, centering myself, and pulling a tarot card or two asking for guidance.

There was one card in the deck I kept in the glove box that said simply “YES.” I asked the question every morning, silently to myself while closing my eyes and shuffling the deck: “Is today the day that I’m ready to put in my notice?” I always promised myself that if that yes card came up, I’d walk in, draft up my letter, and ask for a meeting with my boss.

The card never came. Ugh, I’d think. Okay, might as well get this over with…as I walked in the office.

Eventually, I didn’t need guidance from the cards…I knew when the time was right. My heart wouldn’t let me not make the leap, and I had spent months planning, praying, and manifesting…it was time for me to take that big step.

Maybe you’re like me: you know you’re destined for something big, and you can feel that it’s right around the corner, but you are just waiting for your “YES.”

I’ll be your friend, confidant, and guide every step of the way, from rooting you on to helping you brainstorm the steps of what it will take to give you the confidence to take the leap.

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